Thursday, February 16, 2012

hmmmm... :)

So, My life has been extremely busyyyy here lately; but, i am managing. But if you know me I always keep my plate full!! The more I do, the happier I am. My health doesn't get me down and WILL NEVEr get me down! 

Zumba has really been helping me and my breathing and in general making me feel ten times better!! :D 

Anyways a little bout school, we're getting ready to start ordering cap and gowns! How exciting??? :) I am so nervous though, being sick you take pride in the little things in life, to person that's sick everything that seems to everyone else is ten times bigger to someone who is sick!! :)))))))) 
I am ready to graduate though, it's always been a goal of mine to walk across the stage, & buddy let me tell you I've finally made it their!! :))) 
As for my doctors appointments
I go back to my CF doctor March 7th and hopefully I find out more information about the cure, for the 'delta 508' gene! :) which his my gene mutation!! I am ready to be apart of a study; that really makes me take extra care of myself!! 

But One thing of bad news,  I go back to the oral surgeon March 20th, I am gonna have to have my wisdom teeth cut out, but we don't know all the things that we're gonna consider not only my CF but also my screws and bars in my neck :/ Oh well It'll all work out!!!

But I'm gonna go to bed, busy weekend ahead of me!! :))) once again keeping myself up and at it!!!! 

'Just Breathe" :) 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

What's new???

So; Life is really busy right now, and life is also going pretty great right about now!!

I've met this really amazing person who just makes my days better when I see him smile!! :) 
He is so sweet, and had a biggggg heart :) & I just enjoy being around him!!! :) 

&& anyways, I am getting my scholarship applications ready to be sent in, for CF scholarships so my life is pretty hectic right at the moment. I got released from physical therapy today! And, everything is like falling into place I am one extremely blessed person...
I have started doing Zumba & it has really helped my breathing and made me feel ten times better than  I was!! :)))) 

But anyways, gotta go write some more essays... i'll post soon!! :D