Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 is HERE!

Man I can't believe it,  I am a senior finally I've made it. I graduate in 4 months I am 18 and I've become such a young adult. I am so scared honestly; and I don't know whether to be happy I am graduating or be sad!

But I love my classes, last semester I had 4 computer classes and a Money Skills class!! :) EASY!! Although the money skills class was very useful! This semester I have my 3 required classes, English 4, College Math Readiness, and History of the Visual and Preforming Arts! My other 2 classes are computer classes, which is what I plan to major in, when I go to college! Also in September I got accepted into Somerset Community College! :) I am very excited! I never ever thought i'd make it this far!

In my English class we have started reading "Columbine" a book that will forever change your life forever!!!!
We've just started reading it, but I am hooked it has made me look at everything from a whole other perspective. You never really know somebody! Its scary to think about. . .

But anyways on to my health, It has been pretty good here the past few days! My acid reflex has been really bad recently but it is getting better! I've lost quiet a bit of weight so I am trying to eat a-lot more too gain my weight back so  I don't have to have a feeding tube! But it's okay. . . I will get better! Nothing is gonna get me down!! :)))))

Oh well :)

"Just Breathe" (:

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