Thursday, January 19, 2012

Catch Up :)

I apologize for it being so long since my last post. I've been so busy with school, Doctor visits and life! :) 
I recently bought my Winterball dress :)) Gonna wear my Glitter TOM's heck yeah!! :) 
Today I went to my doctor for my neck, where I had the spinal fusion done & I finally got released to drive yay! Today was the first time I've drove since September 8th :) I've missed it trust me haha. 

So I miss my best friend Kelsey Becker so baddddd we've done a terrible job at keeping in touch but we've both been really busy with life and stuff so I understand but I miss her! 

My life is finally falling into place since the split of my best friend and I; I am beginning to find myself once again and enjoy my life and my senior year! I've started hanging out with friends going out on the weekends and just enjoying my senior year! :))) 

So a little about my senior year, in my Senior English class we're reading Columbine  By: Dave Cullen. Let me tell you this book will send chills all over your body, make you cry, angry, hurt, and really gives you and idea of how that school shooting went down, how it changed the world, and how Post Columbine forever changed the world and School systems! 
The book is intense, chilling, gruesome, scary, and real! This is the real information about what really happened that day and years prior. But, it will definitely make you appreciate life and realize bad things really do happen. 

Anyways; Tomorrow's Friday :) Hopefully got plans this weekend!! 

'JustBreathe' :) 

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